Mission impossible: finding a mentor

My long search for a mentor is finally over. I have an appointment with my new mentor next month in September.

 It has taken me nigh on four months to find a mentor. My experience is that there are not enough mentors to go around and that those mentors you contact, take absolutely ages in replying to you. One further frustration is that the list of mentors on the CILIP website is not up-to-date, which I discovered when I contacted a mentor, only to find out that she already had her full quota of mentees, which was not mentioned on the website.

In my opinion, a framework of qualifications which relies on a mentoring scheme is fundamentally flawed, when there are not enough mentors to go around.

4 Responses to “Mission impossible: finding a mentor”

  1. Katie Says:

    I wonder if it depends whereabouts you are in the country? I found (in the East Midlands) a mentor from the list on the CILIP website – first one I contacted got back to me within a week and agreed to take me on so it was all really quick.

  2. Ruth E Roberts Says:

    Hello. I was sorry and surprised to hear about your difficulty in finding a mentor for Chartership. I was very lucky to find a mentor easily and found him to be very, very supportive – always offering constructive views and heaps of encouragement. If he was unsure of anything , he often contacted Michael Martin. Replies from both were ALWAYS prompt (very important to me on my learning curve!). CDG were always very, very helpful too.

    On a general note – thanks for starting this blog. I found it extremely interesting and useful to read. Could you tell me a bit more about the IT workshop – was it a CILIP one? or an in-house one? a CDG one?

    PS I’m new in post as a librarian at a health library.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    Hi there, found your blog through Katharine’s. I had a very similar experience to you when I was looking for a mentor. The list on CILIP’s website was not up to date, and I contacted at least 4 names who didn’t reply very promptly to my emails. When they did, it was to say they already had too many commitments. This took months. I was over the moon when I finally found someone who agreed to help, and she’s turned out to be great. I sometimes wonder whether chartership really needs to be this complicated.

  4. Michael Says:

    My mentor was much easier to find: I went upstairs to talk to the Head of Libraries, and I got her to do the mentor training. “Growing your own” is definitely an option I’d recommend.

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