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Branch library closure

September 9, 2007

The Council is considering plans to demolish the local branch library to make way for the building of a new supermarket. The Council faces stiff opposition from local residents and dedicated library staff who do not wish to see the last branch library disappearing and yet another supermarket being built!

A contemporary topic but in this case, it is the subject of a play written by Alan Plater called ‘I thought I heard a rustling!’ It is not often that a library becomes the centre stage for a dramatic play.

The play centres around the fate of a local branch library in Eastwood in the south of England. The library has recently taken on a new writer in residence, a Geordie ex-miner turned poet. He is asked to review a play trilogy by another character, who we later learn, also covets the writer in residence post. The senior librarian and we, the audience, gradually learns that the Geordie is no poet but is a professional liar.

These three characters form an unlikely alliance and stand together to try and stop moves for the branch library to be demolished. And they succeed.

 A lively and enjoyable play – which also makes a dig at the preponderance of Sub-committees and working groups that operate in libraries today.