Don’t shhuuuut our library!

A ten year overdue book! What would you do? Charge the customer? Or send him on an anger management course?

Jack Dee plays a black comedian who has been asked to hold a gig in the local library in order to save it.

He has a run-in with the librarian over payment of a £6 fine. The librarian is portrayed as the usual stereotypical image of a person wearing spectacles and a tweed skirt. It is interesting to see how the media portrays us and how this image persists!

Just in case you are wondering: Jack Dee’s character refuses to pay the fine, but is sent a letter later by the council for him to attend an anger management course!

One Response to “Don’t shhuuuut our library!”

  1. Katharine Says:

    This sounds like something I would like to see – was it on TV? Do you know if it’s online anywhere?

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