Word 2003-2007 training

I recently attended an in-house training course on the differences between Word 2003 and Word 2007. At present the newer version of Word is only available to students at our organisation and is currently available to staff only through our remote service, Desktop Anywhere. However, we still need to have the skills to support students using Word 2007 at the help desk.

 The trainer took us through the different features and commands on the ribbon. Some features were new to me and I had never explored much before, like tables. One useful thing we looked at was headings and creating a page of contents – this would be useful to students when writing dissertations. We also learnt how you can edit a word in a heading and then change this word in the page of contents automatically. This saves time and ensures you don’t miss anything.

 One alternative way this training could have been carried out would have been to have a long document for course participants to work through and to perform certain tasks using different commands.  Then information may have been retained better.

However, a useful half day’s training. I just need to practise a bit more now and then hopefully be in a better position to support our learners with Word 2007.

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