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A good send off

April 25, 2009

I finally posted off my chartership portfolios yesterday to CILIP. Yipee!  It is the culmination of two years hard work and I am pleased it has all come together. I hope the outcome will be good news for me.

However, my continuing professional development does not end here. This is an ongoing process and I will be intent on looking for opportunities to develop both professionally and personally in the future.

It is unlikely that I will continue this blog as I contribute to a team blog at my workplace and time constraints mean I can’t blog on both.  I hope for those of you who have been following my blog that you have enjoyed reading it and I wish you also good luck in gaining your chartership.


We are all different

April 25, 2009

Right-handed or left-handed? Have you worked for the university for 10 years or more, or less? Are you a morning or night person? This activity illustrates how we are all different and was part of a mandatory Equality and Diversity training course I attended at the university this last week.

The half day’s training had varied activities including a presentation, group discussion, watching a DVD clip, and some short quizzes to test what we had learnt. The DVD clip was thought-provoking and was about a non-disabled person attending a job interview and how he was treated disfavourably by disabled people he came across during this day.  This turns the more familiar scenario on its head of how disabled people can sometimes be treated disfavourably by society.

We also learnt about disability and completed an exercise suggesting how adjustments can be made to help disabled people.

A very interesting and useful day’s training on equality and diversity and some ideas I can take back to my workplace.

Web Editing on CDG web pages

April 8, 2009

I have got the CDG NE web pages up and running after we have moved over to the CMS (Content Management System to the uninitiated). The CDG web pages are small with 4 or 5 links and I learnt how to add newsletters to the Resource Manager and how to create links to newsletters. Adding content was nice and straightforward – you can just copy and paste from a Word document. You can even tweak the content using html – such as heading types associated with the style sheets – which I know a little about from previous jobs.

I think I will enjoy my role as Web Editor and embrace the challenge of having to continuously keep the web pages up to date!